Homestead Course - Syrup Making Class at The Wandering Market 10. July

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Summer is here and with it fruits, berries and flowers!

Would you like to know how to transform them into delicious syrups for your milkshakes,

ice cream, smoothies, pan cakes.....just to mention a few?

In this class I, Sabine from Triple H Homestead, will show you how to do just that.

We will use different kind of sweeteners, such as organic cane sugar, honey and maple syrup.


Included in the course:


- knowledgeable instructions on how to make a syrup

- introduction to what can be turned into syrup

- recipe booklet

- chart of edible flowers

- information on medicinal syrups

- hands on experience

- ingredients for 3 jars of syrup

- 3 jars

- the option to buy more supplies to keep on making more jam at home


min. Participants 6


signup deadline July 09th - 2019