Herbs & Spices

In our Herbs & Spice section you will find lots of uses and preparations with all kinds of herbs and spices.

Naturally, not all herbs and spices can be grown in Saskatchewan. For some the growing season is to short or they need tropical climates. Some do better in the wild, and some need very special soil conditions.

We grow a lot of herbs in our homestead garden! And we love to forage the bush surrounding our homestead! What we cannot grow or forage we get from organic suppliers as local as possible.

We mix and package all our herbs and spice mixes by hand with care here on the homestead in artisan batches, so you might experience slight flavor changes with every purchase. That is absolutely normal and actually a sign of high quality, because growing conditions, like weather and soil, change and produce very slight taste variations.

But we assure you, that you will always have very fragrant and top quality herbs and spices!

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