Herbs & Spices singles

Herbs & Spices singles

Enjoy the world of herbs and spices!

Indulge in the fragrances and the aromas they provide!

Herbs and spices are used for centuries all over the world to enhance dishes and remedy ailments.

Even though they are divided into culinary and medicinal uses, most of them belong in both categories. So with using them in you everyday life, you already support and help your body to stay healthy!

In this section we offer you the single herbs and spices, so you can create your very own blend or support a certain need of your body.


All information we supply with each herb, spice or blend thereof is extracted fully from history and/or public domain sources, and is legally available to anyone, in books, libraries and on the internet. We make no claims as to the effectiveness or use of these products, but encourage personal responsibility and ownership of our own bodies.