Specialty Noodles

Specialty Noodles

Our homemade artisan egg noodles are produced in small batches.

They are a unique experience to actually taste a new 'flavour world' of noodles. 

We only use the best ingredients, like our own homestead fresh eggs from our free ranged, pastured chickens, homegrown herbs and vegetables!

You can purchase the noodles in 2 flour varieties:

regular, whole wheat.

We do not use any artificial flavor or food colour for any of our products.

Our homemade Noodles come in 3 different categories:

savoury, seasonal & sweet.

Once you have ordered, please allow a week before they will be shipped! We are constantly making them fresh, and they might need a little time to dry!

The package contains 1/2 lbs of noodles and is sufficient for 3-4 persons as a side dish or 1-2 as a main course.