marlon-sabine1.jpgTriple H Homestead is a homestead and a brand with all natural products south of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan - Canada.

We, Marlon Jugl & Sabine Weibrich started Sabine's Country Shop in 2010 and integrated it into Triple H Homestead in 2014. 

The land we are living on, growing our herbs and veggies and pasture our chicken hasn't seen any chemical fertilizers or pesticides in decades. So even we are not organic certified, our homestead is on all natural ground.the-homestead.jpg

We grow herbs & flowers, raise poultry and other animals and handcraft natural herbal teas, salt free spice mixes, herbal salves & extracts, organic noodles, and other products in small artisan batches. We have been manufacturing our delicious products, using our grandmothers recipes and creating our own. Each one shows our love for manual work and lots of appreciation for people and nature.

​Everything we sell is made by us. Things we cannot grow our self, we get from organic suppliers, as local as possible! ​We strive to offer the best quality with our products and are working to improve not just our products but also the way the ingredients are grown and/or raised.

In our store you will find a wide variety of specialty food and preserves, teas, salves and crafts.


​You can choose from our stock or customize your order:

                                                             Wedding favors and decorations

                                                             Gift baskets for any occasion

                                                             Herbal decorations 

                                                             and much more.....


You can also meet us at various craft sales, trade shows, home-based business shows, and Farmer's Markets.


For some time now, you can find a variety of our products at The Wandering Market in Moose Jaw, SK and Baba's Bulk Bin in Flin Flon.